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about Southern Vein & Laser Institute

At Southern Vein & Laser Institute, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Cummiskey serve patients in the Greater New Orleans area and beyond. For those in need of treatments that allow them to get back on their feet in minimal time, this clinic offers the latest and most effective options, such as sclerotherapy, and endovenous laser ablation.

Southern Vein & Laser Institute invites patients that have long suffered from the pain and discomfort associated with leg vein dysfunction to treat their vascular concerns in little time with the latest modern technology has to offer. There are many reasons why patients seek out Dr. Thomas & Cummiskey’s medical expertise. This clinic offers patients an opportunity to truly rid themselves of unsightly and uncomfortable veins caused by a variety of conditions.

When you are selecting a Vein Specialist to treat your legs, choose Southern Vein & Laser Institute, the regional leader in vein care. We proudly serve communities in LA & MS.